— The nuraphone /G2
via a software upgrade
New app and firmware available
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Everything you need to know about your nuraphone


Everything you need to know about /G2 software upgrade

Safety Information

Your nuraphones have been designed and tested with the strictest of consideration for safety, but please note: exposure to any loud noise at or above 85 Decibels (dB) (approximately the same volume of a food blender) can cause gradual hearing loss.

We recommend due to the clarity and sound isolation of the nuraphone you will not need to listen to your music as loudly as with many conventional headphone products.

However, please adhere to the safety instructions below and use your nuraphones responsibly, particularly in Immersion Mode.  

 Sound  Noise Level  Effect
 Rustling leaves  20 dB  Just audible
 Quiet office  60dB  Comfortable hearing levels
 are under 60 dB
 Average city traffic  80 dB  Annoying; interferes with
 conversation; constant
 exposure may cause damage
 Lawnmower, food blender,
 recreational vehicles, TV
 80—90 dB  Annoying; interferes with
 conversation; constant
 exposure may cause damage
 Symphony orchestra, power
 saw (chainsaw), pneumatic
 drill, jackhammer
 110 dB  Regular exposure to sound
 over 100 dB of more than
 one minute risks permanent
 hearing loss.
 Concert  110—140 dB  Threshold of pain begins
 around 125 dB

Information via the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. 
Monitor your use. Hearing loss is a function of loudness versus time. The louder it is, the less time you can be exposed to it. The softer the volume, the longer you can listen. For example, 8 hours at 85 dB causes as much damage as 4 hours at 88 dB, 2 hours at 91 dB, or just 15 minutes at 100 dB.
Do not listen to music at a high volume for any extended period.
Do not listen to music in the ‘front row’ setting in Immersion Mode at high volume for any extended period.
Only use your nuraphones whilst volume on your device is set at a comfortable, moderate level.
Use caution and follow applicable laws regarding mobile phone and headphone use if using the nuraphone for phone calls while driving. Some jurisdictions impose specific limitations such as single earpiece use while driving.
Be aware that sounds that you may rely on as reminders or warnings i.e. alarms, message tones and incoming calls may vary while using your nuraphones.
If you experience a warming sensation or loss of hearing remove your nuraphones immediately.
If your nuraphones emit a loud or unusual noise, do not use and contact nura Customer Experience Experts immediately.
Due to the noise isolating Inova™ technology do not use the nuraphones any time where an inability to hear may present a danger to yourself or others. For example whilst driving, riding a bicycle, a construction site, in or near traffic.
Charging your nuraphones must only be with certified nura cables.
Charging your nuraphones should be done only in accordance with instructions in this user guide.

2000px-Recycling_Li-ion.svg.png Removal of the rechargeable lithium ion battery in this product should be conducted only by a qualified professional.
international-symbols-labels-strong-magnetic-field-hazard-l3970-lg.jpg This product contains magnetic material. Consult your physician on whether this might affect your implantable   medical device.
125736120310036068330x52_not_suitable_for_children_with_age_0-3-svg-med.png Contains small parts which may be a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under age 3.


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