— The nuraphone /G2
via a software upgrade
New app and firmware available
— for all existing and future nuraphone users


Everything you need to know about your nuraphone


Everything you need to know about /G2 software upgrade

Personalising troubleshooting

Everyone’s ears are different, so getting a good fit for personalisation can be easier for some and trickier for others. 

Don’t worry, getting a good fit will get easier as you get used to your nuraphones.    

If you're having trouble personalising your nuraphones, please try the following:      


Check your nuraphones are fitted correctly: 

1. Make sure you’re in a quiet place for the personalisation process. 

2. Don’t talk or move your head during the test.

3. Remove any earrings or jewellery that could affect the seal.

4. If you wear glasses, remove for the initial personalisation. 

Please note: wearing glasses won’t affect your sound after this process. 


5. Tie or move your hair back so it’s not blocking your ears.



Change your nuraphones’ ear tips:

Everyone’s ears are different, so we recommend trying different-sized ear tips to get a good fit. 


Realign your nuraphones’ ear tips:

1. Press the ear tips securely against the silicone:  

2. Fold over the sides of the ear tips:  

3. Align the ear tips so that the small microphone hole is visible through the ear tip and the dividing line is horizontal: 


Still not getting a perfect fit?

Don’t worry, you may be able to improve your hearing profile once you’re used to the fit and feel of the nuraphone, after a few days of use. In the meantime, tap “Continue”. 

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