— The nuraphone /G2
via a software upgrade
New app and firmware available
— for all existing and future nuraphone users


Everything you need to know about your nuraphone


Everything you need to know about /G2 software upgrade

Redeeming a discount code

 You can redeem a discount or free shipping code when purchasing from nuraphone.com

 Please note: one discount or free shipping code can be used per order.


Redeeming a discount code:

1. Head to nuraphone.com and click “Buy Now”.

2. Proceed through the checkout until you reach “Cart > Customer information”.

3. Enter your code in the “Discount” box on the right-hand sidebar: 


4. Your discount will be automatically calculated and deducted! 

Redeeming a refer a friend discount code: 

If you've been referred by a friend, you'll receive a unique discount code via email. When you click on the email link, you'll be redirected to the nura checkout with your discount code automatically applied.

Having trouble redeeming a discount code? 

Please contact us.

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