— The nuraphone /G2
via a software upgrade
New app and firmware available
— for all existing and future nuraphone users


Everything you need to know about your nuraphone


Everything you need to know about /G2 software upgrade

Changing your nuraphones' ear tips

Everyone’s ears are different — that’s why the nuraphone comes with small, medium and large ear tips. Try all the sizes to find the most comfortable fit for you.



Changing your nuraphones' ear tips: 

1. Gently pull the old ear tip to remove. 

2. Flip the new ear tip inside-out.

3. Push the new ear tip onto the nuraphone's in ear component.  

Make sure the new ear tip is pushed all the way on, so there’s no gap between the tip and the nuraphone. 

4. Flip the new ear tip back so it's no longer inside-out. 

Having trouble changing your nuraphones' ear tips? 

Please see our nura tip troubleshooting guide

Didn't receive your extra ear tips? 

Please contact us and we'll send you your extra ear tips! 

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