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Everything you need to know about your nuraphone


Everything you need to know about /G2 software upgrade

How does the nuraphone work with different audio sources?

Like many other devices, your nuraphone will sound best with the highest quality audio sources. 
CDs and vinyl
Our analog cable can be used to connect to both CD, turntables and record players. 
Your nuraphone includes a high-quality analog to digital converter (ADC) to digitalise the input source so they can still sonically mould to your personal hearing profile. 
mp3 (and other lossy compression formats)
If you are using mp3 or mp3-like files, we recommend using those that are encoded with modern codecs at a minimum of 256kbps and preferably 320kbps.
The nuraphone supports Qualcomm® aptX-HD™ which provides better than CD quality. It is the very best in Bluetooth audio connectivity.
Note: aptX is not supported by all phones. Refer to phone manual to check.
nura Recommends 
1) For that last 1% you can use lossless source files - usually .aiff, .wav or .flac, or a lossless streaming service such as Tidal - over one of our digital wired cables (USB or Lightning). 
See our connectivity options here.
2) We recommend high bitrate mp3/ogg/AAC or the highest quality setting on premium streaming services such as Spotify
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